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assignmentIconInstructors can use HuskyCT to create Tests for students to take online. These Tests can be added to a content page or a Learning Module. Look for this icon to help identify Tests that have been posted. If your instructor has indicated a test is active and you cannot find the link, contact the instructor.

Instructors set the dates when the Test link will be active as well as a number of other settings. These setting choices vary considerably test to test and instructor to instructor. Therefore, it is essential to read the instructions and communicate with the instructor if you have questions. Some of the setting options and how they impact the test are covered in the “Understanding Test Settings” help file at the right. 

To start a test, students click on the link with the test title. Please be aware that this link will probably only be active for a short time. Therefore it is essential to consult the course syllabus or course schedule regarding the dates tests will be active.

Instructors have the ability to create 17 different question types in the online tests, but the most frequently used are Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, True-False, Fill in the blank, Matching, and Essay.

It is the student’s responsibility to minimize the chance of a technical issue when taking the test. The “Test Taking Guidelines” help file at the right covers DOs and DONTs related to test taking in HuskyCT. If problem is encountered while taking a Test, go through the troubleshooting steps and if possible, continue taking the Test. Notify the instructor regarding the problem encountered.


Understanding Test Settings

Test Taking Guidelines

Viewing Test Results

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