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About Grades in HuskyCT

There is a “Grade Center” tool in HuskyCT that instructors can elect to use. Instructors can manually create columns and enter grades, but there are also several graded activities within HuskyCT that generate their own Grade Center columns. These include tests, assignments, graded discussion forums, blogs, journals, or wikis. Even when a column exists in the Grade Center and grades have been entered, the instructor determines whether that information will be visible to the students or not.

The “My Grades” tool                                              menewithmygradeshighlight

Students access the grade information that the instructor has released using the “My Grades” tool.

Normally, if the instructor has elected to use the Grade Center, the link for “My Grades” is found in the left-hand navigation menu in your HuskyCT course sites. Occasionally, instructors may change the name of the link, but this is rare.


Two other ways to access grades: 

studentglobalnavThe “Global Navigation Menu“, which usually has a red number indicating new notices, is at the upper right of the screengrades_icon_sm in HuskyCT. Open the menu and click on the grades icon to access grades for all courses.

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My Grades