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My Courses page

This is the first page users see when they log into HuskyCT. There are several “boxes” on the page which contain different kinds of information. Blackboard refers to these as “modules”.

“My HuskyCT Classes” lists the active or upcoming classes for which you have registered that currently have HuskyCT sites. HuskyCT sites for active classes with have titles that are bold and “clickable”. This is how you will access the site for that class. HuskyCT sites for upcoming classes for which you have registered will have titles that are not bold and not clickable. There will also be an “available” date indicated. On that date, the link will become active. Usually this is the official first day of classes for that term, but it can be modified by the instructor.

It is important to remember that not all classes at UConn have HuskyCT sites. Instructors determine which of the classes they are teaching will have HuskyCT sites. Therefore, you may not see class titles in the “My HuskyCT Classes” module for all classes that you have registered for. To check and see if a particular class has a HuskyCT site, use the Browse Course Catalog Search function.

Because instructors can request HuskyCT sites for the upcoming semester months ahead of time, there may be times when current, and future course titles are showing in “My HuskyCT Classes”.

About two weeks after the end of the semester, students will no longer see that semester’s HuskyCT sites. Occasionally, an instructor extends the end date of a class from a prior semester. These titles can be hidden from your view in “My HuskyCT Classes”, but it is essential to look at the term code in the course title to prevent hiding the wrong ones.

Students sometimes contact the Digital Learning Center asking to be given access to a HuskyCT site from a previous semester. This is not something that our center can do. If such access is needed due to an incomplete, or other reasons, arrangements need to be made with the instructor of that course.

It is possible to customize your My Courses page by moving the modules to different locations. This is done using “drag and drop” while “grabbing” the module header. It is even possible to add additional modules such as a calculator or dictionary using the “Add Module” button at the top left of the screen, but the “My Dashboard” tab would probably be a better location for these.

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