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HuskyCT FAQs

1. What is HuskyCT?

HuskyCT, which stands for “Husky Course Tools”, is UConn’s name for our learning management system. The application we use is Blackboard Learn 9.1.  Instructors may use a HuskyCT site to post course materials, online assignments, discussion forums, tests, and grades. Users log in to HuskyCT using their NetID and password.

2. Why can’t I see my class in HuskyCT?

Not all instructors choose to use HuskyCT. If you are registered for a class that is using HuskyCT, the course title will appear in the “My HuskyCT Classes” box on the “My Courses” page when you first log in to HuskyCT.  If you do not see a course listed in HuskyCT that you have registered for, you can browse the Course Catalog posted on the My Courses page. You will most likely find that there is not a HuskyCT site for that class. If, however, you see that the class is using HuskyCT and you registered more than 12 hours ago, please email the instructor.

3. When do HuskyCT class sites open?

HuskyCT sites are set by default to become available to students on the first day of classes for the term. This information will appear next to the course title in the “My HuskyCT Classes” box. Instructors have the ability to modify this date, so all of your HuskyCT sites for an upcoming semester may not open on the same day.

 4. Why do I still see old classes in HuskyCT?

HuskyCT sites are set by default to become unavailable to students about two weeks after finals end. On rare occasions, instructors extend the end date for a HuskyCT site. In this case, you will continue to see that class in your list in HuskyCT.

5. Why does the course title for summer classes end with 1155? 

Each academic term is identified with a unique 4 digit code. This code always starts with “1”. The second and third numbers indicate the year, and the last number indicates the term (Winter = 1, Spring = 3, Summer = 5, Fall = 8). So, Summer 2014 was 1145 and Summer 2015 is 1155. This code will help you determine which courses are old and which are new.

6. What is “Library Resources”?

Instructors can elect to deliver library reserve materials in their HuskyCT class sites. These materials, which may be PDF files with articles or book chapters, streaming videos, or links to the library’s database content, are accessed using the link titled “Library Resources” in the left-hand navigation menu of your HuskyCT site. Occasionally, instructors may rename this link or move it to another location on the site.