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Discussion Board Access

Instructors provide access to the Discussion Board by adding a tool link in the navigation menu. This link may show as “Discussion Board, but instructors have the option to use a different link title. Once the board is active, the instructor creates “Forums”, and students post to those forums.


Multiple forums can be created in a Discussion Board. Students need to click on the forum title to access the screen where they will post. Forums may have start and end dates for availability and they may be set up as “graded forums”. Instructors can also require students to post once to the forum before seeing posts already added by other students. The combination of settings the instructor chooses will affect the student activity on the forum, so not all forums within a course or in different courses will function the same way.

If Groups have been created, it is also possible for the instructor to activate a Discussion Board for each group and create forums there that will only be accessible to that group’s members.


Most commonly, Discussion Board forums are set up to allow students to create initial posts as well as reply to existing posts. The “Create Thread” button is used for initial posts and replies to an existing posts adds to the “thread”. Students have a text editor to use for their posts, but only one file attachment is allowed using the “Attach file” option.

Discussion Forums Settings

  • they can be graded or ungraded
  • attachments can be allowed or not
  • they can have a limited display period
  • anonymous posts can be allowed as an option
  • students can be allowed to edit or delete their own posts
  • students may be required to post before seeing posts created by others
  • students can be limited to only responding to other posts and not creating new threads (this is rarely used)

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